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Embrave Agency to End Violence
Embrave Agency to End Violence is an anti-violence organization providing shelter, counselling and advocacy supports for women, Two-Spirit, gender queer, trans and non-binary folks and their children experiencing any form of violence in the Region of Peel and beyond. We support survivors with and without children. Over time, our organization has grown and evolved, expanding our services to meet the needs of our communities. We’ve witnessed the diversity, complexity and effects of all forms of violence. We know that anyone can experience violence and we believe that everyone deserves a life free from violence. We strive to ensure that no one is left behind. Our name and our identity are an embodiment of who we are, our values and what we do. We are brave, bold, fierce and confident: unafraid to face challenges head-on and advocate for change. We embrace brave. We inspire bravery. We are inclusive and welcoming of all women, two-spirit, genderqueer, trans and non-binary people facing all forms of violence. We want to create a space where survivors can bring their whole selves. We respect and honour the bravery of all survivors and stand alongside them. We recognize and champion the courage and resilience of survivors, and provide the resources and support they need to determine their own path forward. We are a continuous and lasting presence, there for survivors of violence wherever they happen to be in their own personal journey. Embrave is relentless in leading change and striving towards a society free from violence. We amplify the voices of survivors and celebrate what they are able to overcome; we educate the public; and we inspire systemic change through our work with individuals while taking action and collaborating with other organizations in the community.

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