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Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario Branch
Our Mission: The Kidney Foundation of Canada is people working together for a common cause. We are volunteers, individuals living with kidney disease, donors, and staff members � from all walks of life, all across Canada. The Kidney Foundation of Canada exists for the enhancement of kidney health and the reduction and, if possible, the elimination of the burden of kidney diseases. The primary beneficiaries are people at risk of or affected by kidney disease. The Kidney Foundation provides: Hope: New knowledge and treatments generating hope will exist in the following areas: Knowledge of the kidney and kidney disease. Methods by which the new knowledge from research results can be translated into the treatment, prevention, and slowing of the progression of kidney disease. Support: To achieve optimal health status, all people affected by kidney disease have access to healthcare and to wellness, socio-emotional, and financial support including: Equitable access to appropriate cost-effective treatment, as close to home as possible, regardless of background and personal circumstances. Timely access to successful long-term organ transplantation, if desired and appropriate. Comfort for those who withdraw from or do not wish dialysis treatment. Empowerment: All people affected by kidney disease are empowered to maximize their outcomes. People have the knowledge to make effective choices to prevent, minimize, and seek treatment for kidney disease. People can advocate for themselves and others when navigating the system. The kidney community has a sense of belonging and a collective voice. Engagement: An informed Canadian public understands and responds to the impact of kidney disease. Effective provincial and federal policies and strategies exist for kidney research, kidney care, organ donation, and transplantation. The Kidney Foundation relies on its extensive network of qualified volunteers working in partnership with staff to deliver its programs and services t

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Kidney Walk Event Day Volunteer - Brampton Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario Branch   Brampton  
Kidney Walk Event Day Volunteer - Mississauga Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario Branch   Mississauga