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United Way Greater Toronto
You came to this page looking for something. Perhaps you want to have a more positive impact in the world. Perhaps you want the things you do, and the things that motivate you, to have a deeper meaning or purpose. To build a bridge that connects you with others. To unite with your community. If this is true, you are in the right place. Poverty stares us in the face every time we walk out the door. The pandemic has made the issues at the root of poverty in the GTA unignorable—and it hasn’t affected everyone equally. Those who were struggling before the pandemic are now also having to navigate a worsening chasm of injustice, discrimination and growing inequality. COVID-19 is exacerbating the inequities that divide our community and pushing people further into precarity. So we need your help! The vital work we do, alongside our partners and resident leaders, would not be possible without people like you: Donors who want to bridge the gaps in our social safety net, and unite under a worthy cause. Please stand with us as we continue to fight for a more inclusive and equitable GTA, where everyone can thrive.

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