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United Achievers' Club
The United Achievers' Club was established in 1980 and incorporated as a non profit organization in 1987. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES *To raise the profile and consciousness of Black and Caribbean communities in the wider society *To provide effective and meaninful role models for our youth *To encourage greater adaptation and integration of the Black and Caribbean cultures in the wider community *To link with existing community services to provide educational resources ACTIVITIES *Annual Black History Month Celebration *Annual Celebrity Chef - Men Who Cook *Annual Golf Tournament *Annual Scholarship and Recognition Awards *Collaboration and participation with the seniors at United Achievers' Non-Profit Housing Corporation One of the Club's first signature endeavours was investing in our young people through establishment of scholarships to eligible high-school students entering their first year of college/university. The first scholarship was awarded in 1985 to date, the Club and its partners have assisted 340 students in thir quest for higher education, providing them with approximately $344,000.00 in tuition assistance. In 1990 the United Acheivers' Club applied to the Ministry of Housing to participate in the Ontario Government "Homes Now" programme. In 1991 the Club received approval for a $21M loan to proceed with the propsed housing complex. The result is United Achievers' Non-Profit Housing Corporation (Mahogany Place), and eleven storey apartment building with 126 units and 26 townhouses located at 7820 McLaughlin Road in Brampton. Both "Market and Rent Geared to Income" tenants live in the complex. It is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members of the United Achievers' Club. Although the Club's role is primarliy that of integrating and enhancing the lives of people of Black and Caribbean heritage residing in Brampton and the wider Peel Region, it welcomes anyone who shares its goal and objectives.

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