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Heart Comonos
The name of our organization is Heart Comonos. The word ‘Comonos’ originates from the Latin language, and it means “Together as One”. When you think about it, this is a compassionate contrast to so much conflict, division, and inequality that we feel in our world and communities today. Heart Comonos engages at the grassroots level with residents and organizations in Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area for the well-being of everyone. Here are a few of our guiding convictions: We connect people! Loneliness and isolation leaves a trail of brokenness that touches all of us. Something special always happens when people get together. A friend is made, a solution is found, hope and possibilities emerge. That’s why we facilitate connections among residents, organizations and institutions. We empower people! Every citizen has so many unnoticed gifts, talents, knowledge, experiences, hopes and dreams. Together we create activities, programs and projects that make life better for everyone. We seek out untapped human treasures and spring them into action! We inspire wellness! Mental health struggles, social inequities, accessibility concerns, relationship conflicts and economic stresses can create cycles of loneliness and isolation. Our approach focuses on the individual and recognizes that life quality encompasses spiritual, psychological, physical, economic and social dimensions. Take out any one, and there are consequences that ripple into society. We believe each of these factors are indispensable in a thriving community.

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