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BFM (Mississauga) Enterprises Society, Inc
Mission Thrift Store is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, Christian organization with over 50 stores across Canada. We convert donated goods into cash, and the net proceeds of all sales are sent to our joint ministry with Bible League Canada to fund international programs in over 40 countries worldwide. Staff and volunteers believe there is a deeper purpose to everything in life, including shopping. We sell gently-used clothing and household items to value-conscious shoppers, who shop for deals they can feel good about. Donations empower lives in the local community, and in communities around the world. They also reduce waste by giving items a new life. Mission Thrift Stores work with various local agencies to provide donated items to people in need in their own community due to fire, homelessness or other crisis. Our environment needs our care. Mission Thrift Stores help reduce landfill waste by promoting the stewardship principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. In 2019 an estimated 23,000,000 pounds were diverted from local landfills. That’s just over one pound for every dollar sold! Our Values Christ-Centered – All our discussions and actions reflect our faith and belief that Christ is the centre of this Ministry. Volunteerism – We celebrate that the success of Mission Thrift Store is driven by volunteerism. Joint Ministry with Bible League Canada – We have a mandate and desire to financially support Bible League Canada’s global ministry. Integrity – We are consistently truthful and honest in all our actions, reflecting uncompromising adherence to Godly principles and values. Sustainable Growth – We believe that responsible, stewardly and sustainable growth is an integral element to the long-term success of our organization. Innovation – We consistently and earnestly strive to be adaptable to new and efficient business processes and ideas.

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