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Founding on Faith Foundation
This program will give a fresh look at how things have been done to help the homeless youth communities as well as the transition houses for single parents starting over with nothing. We want to offer youth and single parents who need a fresh start to get the support and resources they need. By providing stability and support the sky is the limit for the people who stay accountable and in control of their own fate. In order to achieve their goals and provide independently for themselves and their children. Committing to the program will benefit the people in need as well as their families, by helping to create the life they work hard for without the added pressures and obstacles that come along with the lack of resources, education or opportunity. This is a true fresh start. We have two programs: 1)Single youth experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness (2 year program age 16+) 2) Families starting over (4 year program) -include housign assistance, free tax clinic (in operation for 4 years now), school/work/entrepreneurship assistance, coaching, therapy sessions, financial literacy, legal help, childcare after school

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