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Website Makeover
We're making big changes to our website!

Welcome to the new Volunteer MBC website. Some things may look the same, but the keen observer will notice some major improvements.

• Integration - Previously, we had two systems, a front-end website built on WordPress and our referral system developed by VolunteerAttract.

• We’ve integrated our new search, searching for volunteer opportunities is now easier than ever before. Keep your search preferences at your fingertips while you go through your search results. We also simplified the search parameters, so you can explore more quickly.

• Structured navigation - We made it easier to navigate the website by reducing the items in the navigation menu and limiting the number of unique page layouts.

• Clarity - We have made our messaging clearer about what we do and how we do it.

• Bug fixes - We’ve done a deep dive into many use cases of our system to reduce bugs or areas of confusion. With the new website in place, you can look forward to more dynamic content updated more frequently.