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Members' Toolbox: Viewing Applicants
How to be diligent with following up on volunteer applications

You've submitted a draft of a volunteer position, (perhaps using our draft checklist), and we have reviewed it and collaborated with you to publish a genuinely attractive opportunity. Now it's time to use our system to "track", identify, and contact those who have applied for your position(s) through Volunteer MBC. Aside from preliminary Notification by email (if you've enabled them), at least ONCE A WEEK: Access/view Applicants through the system, as follows:

Log in to your member profile.

Click on ADMIN.

From the list of bullets, click on "Volunteer Positions". (The next page includes a table listing of all your positions.)

Click on the little ICON under the heading 'Applicants' to access the LIST (you will find names and contact info, plus a resume if the volunteer attached one to their profile.)