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Charter Launch in Peel
Regional Councillors gave a ringing endorsement of our Charter

Volunteer MBC on Thursday, September 13, appeared before Council at the Region of Peel to present its "Charter of Volunteerism", a document designed to inspire diverse and inclusive volunteering in Peel. Through the Charter, Volunteer MBC made a case for needed awareness and a call to action to increase volunteering in Peel. Response was immediate and positive. Council endorsed this initiative, unanimously, while thanking Volunteer MBC on the occasion of its milestone anniversary for its 10 years of valuable service to Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon.

Region Chair Frank Dale was quick to compliment Volunteer MBC by saying, "Kudos to you guys for doing such good work, especially the extensive youth engagement that you do to join youth to their community". The three Mayors amplified their endorsements by inviting Volunteer MBC to actively participate in municipal committees and community events. We fully intend to take up their invitations.