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10 Reasons to Support Volunteerism
10 reasons to support volunteerism

When you support volunteerism, even one person inspired to volunteer can perform incredibly good works for the community. The good they do benefits someone else who can then do something for another person and another. It spreads in all directions, like the ripples in the pond after you toss in a stone. It never ends.

With so many good causes to support, how do you choose? Easy--choose them all. Benefit numerous organizations by providing a backbone support that ties them together under the common flag of volunteerism. Whether you're passionate about the environmental, seniors, health, poverty reduction, equality, youth, arts, accessibility, sports or another cause, they all need volunteers to thrive.

Volunteers are connected to their community and each other in a powerful way. A sense of caring brings people together. When you support volunteerism, you're fostering a spirit of thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness that you share. This results in a vast network of connected hearts advancing society.

The continuum

The impact of volunteerism on our community is experienced by all of us. People benefit from the works of volunteers and thus, the volunteer also benefits from what they give. Better healthcare, cleaner air, safer streets--just a few of the ways we are all gaining from the efforts of volunteers. A person who receives a helping hand in turn can do more for others.

The hometown heroics

Charity begins at home. Make a difference locally. Help address the needs around you by enhancing the efforts of community service organizations that function in your neighbourhood or city. There are many challenges in the community, both visible and invisible, that can be addressed with a sustainable volunteer power.

The perpetual motion

Contributing to your community doesn't need to be a drop in a bucket. By helping the sector recruit, retain and recognize volunteers, it provides an energy that sustains their efforts in the long haul. Organizations reach a critical mass, then the machine begins to propel itself, as volunteers bring their friends and colleagues to volunteer with them.

The untold fortune

It's estimated that volunteerism contributed over 2 billion (that's right, a two followed by nine zeroes) hours of effort in 2017. This is valued at $55.9B, 2.6% of Canada's GDP. When you support volunteerism financially, what you give is multiplied and goes exponential. The economic impact is enormous. Volunteerism isn't free, but it's like printing money. 

The healthy snack

“An act of kindness a day keeps the doctor away.” Exercise, nutrition... volunteerism? Volunteering has proven to dramatically improve physical and mental wellbeing. Envision a community where people are active, alert and connected. Caring is a cure. 

The fluid dynamics

The river of volunteerism flows through all community service initiatives. When this resource is directed properly, spillage is reduced and the capacity of the sector increases, as volunteers give their time, skills and hearts to the cause.

The human factor

When you support volunteerism, you're investing in people. It's the core belief that when a person is given the right environment and conditions to succeed, there's no limit to what they can achieve. All they need is opportunity and direction.

Written by MarComm T
written by MarComm