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COVID-19 Updates
Police Checks

Understanding the use of police vulnerable sector record checks in your volunteer screening process is important. During COVID-19, organizations and volunteers have found it challenging to obtain these record checks.

After speaking with Peel Regional Police on June 15, 2020, I received this update on the process of obtaining a record checks and the organization's ability to verify it. 

  1. Peel Region Police will not disclose any details of the search results over the phone.
  2. A Vulnerable Sector Check should ideally be exclusive to the position.
  3. Access to past records are only within the past 3 months.
  4. If a SPO does decide to accept a past Vulnerable Sector Record Check, the volunteer can obtain a copy of it by paying a $5.00 fee.
  5. They are working on an online approach to streamline things but, it is still not in place.

We'll keep tabs on this matter and let you know of anything further. 

Shaminda Perera
Manager, Learning and Resource Development