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Senior Ambassadors Virtually Volunteer with Youth



Senior Ambassadors Virtually Volunteer with Youth (SAVYY) is an intergenerational volunteering program that connects Seniors and Youth to volunteer together for virtual and in-person activities. The program will consist of a combination of one-on-one relationship building, skills-sharing, monthly group connects and volunteering for community organizations.


How it works

A senior SAVVY participant (age 55+) will be matched with a youth SAVVY participant (age 14-25) who they will meet bi-weekly to do volunteering activities together. The youth will share their media and tech skills and the senior will share their own skills and knowledge in return. Volunteering activities can include:

  • Creating social media posts and infographics for social causes and organizations
  • Co-creating and facilitating a virtual workshop or discussion about a topic the pair is mutually interested in (ex: social justice, mental health, healthy eating, etc.)
  • Hosting a virtual fundraiser or auction
  • Take part in monthly connects where they interact with other program participants
  • Virtual or In-person activities with community organizations, such as gardening, writing letters for isolated seniors or hosting games nights for seniors
Watch this recording of the SAVVY info-session 
Why should I participate in an intergenerational program?
Intergenerational programs bridge generational gaps and foster relationships between individuals of various ages, while also addressing issues such as mental wellbeing, loneliness and isolation, ageism, cultural identity gaps, digital divides and more. 


Volunteering with a buddy can be fun and inspiring, especially when you get to share new experiences with each other!
Benefits for Seniors
  • Share your wisdom, skills and expertise to a young person
  • Learn to be more tech and media savvy
  • Have an increased sense of belonging and purpose
  • Give back to the community!
Benefits for Youth
  • Gain mentoring skills
  • Learn new skills and knowledge from the seniors
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Give back to the community! 
Program Eligibility
  • Seniors must be age 55+ and youth must be between ages 14-25 
  • Must be a resident of Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon) nbsp;
  • Available to volunteer minimum 5 hours per month 

 If you do not have access to technology, please indicate it in the application form and we can make accommodations for you. 

We will prioritize members of underserved communities into the program, including people who identify as racialized, LGBTQ2S+, newcomer or refugee, low-income, and/or live with a disability.

How can I sign up?

Applications are now open for both youth and senior volunteer ambassadors. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2022. 

If you require assistance with your application or would prefer to do it over the phone, please contact the program coordinator.

Applications for youth ambassadors will open in July.

[email protected] 
Nazneen Khan

Community Engagement Coordinator at Volunteer MBC