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About the Position
Position: 2524 - Volunteer - Computer Fundamentals
Organization: Peel Association for Handicapped Adults
Position Address: Brampton, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Co-op Placements, Newcomers
The 'role' is new for PAHA, and our volunteers will:
- collaborate with us in development of a program and suitable scheduling, with particular focus on accessibility by persons with disabilities
- help adapt conventional teaching about computers, related devices, and the Internet to the special needs of PAHA members (inc. privacy and security issues)
- establish a framework and plan of gradual instruction (from basic to more advanced, specific topics, etc.)
- introduce the instruction plan (in its various forms/areas) to the membership (gain feedback)
- adjust the plan, as-we-go, to promote maximum effectiveness
- mentor/orient/train other volunteers to deliver the program productively

Development of the program and planning in this instance may be undertaken from the volunteer's home.

PLEASE APPLY by 'clicking' the yellow box 'Apply Now!', which will afford immediate access to the PAHA online volunteer APPLICATION FORM. You should also EMAIL PAHA (see below) to indicate your interest in this specific 'role'. Thank you.

Peel Association for Handicapped Adults (PAHA) was founded in 1973, and it has charitable status. Our mission is to provide, facilitate, and coordinate recreational, social and cultural activities for individuals, within the Region of Peel, who have a disability as a result of physical, mental or sensory impairment. These activities are designed to support, challenge, and enhance the social, emotional, and physical well being of our members.

PAHA seeks capable, enthusiastic volunteers to provide elementary awareness and training to our membership about computers, related devices, and the Internet. This initiative is designed to improve our members' abilities to benefit from communications technology, which in turn will enhance their accessibility and quality of living.

+ Excellent opportunity to use your training/knowledge/expertise to collaborate in the development of a computer instruction program for persons with disabilities
+ In terms of career development, add an impressive innovative project to your resume
+ 'Network' with like-minded volunteers, cooperate and learn from them
+ Increase your awareness of those in your community with disabilities and special needs
+ Invest your knowledge and creativity as a volunteer, knowing that you will be making a huge difference in the quality of lifestyle for PAHA members

Position Qualifications
● Minimum Age - 19
● The nature of this initiative necessarily involves a volunteering commitment of at least 6 months
● Thorough knowledge of computer fundamentals (eg. PCs, tablets, smartphones, and related devices; Software: Windows - WORD, etc.; Internet - email, social media platforms, search engines)
● Ability to confidently educate novices in the basics (in layperson's terms)
● Awareness of special needs of persons with disabilities is an asset
● Prior experience in computer instruction will be helpful
● Prepared to be creative in planning a program that will adapt conventional computer instruction to the requirements of persons with disabilities
● Collaborative, project-oriented, committed to 'diversity and inclusiveness'

*** A satisfactory 'Police Vulnerable Sector Check' is required, as volunteers will be involved with a 'vulnerable' segment of the community
Min Age: 19    Police Check: Yes

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Start Date:2019-06-07
FLEXIBLE - Project-oriented, initially, with instruction plan/scheduling to be mutually developed.

General orientation about PAHA will be provided to volunteer applicants.

Area(s) of Interest: Education & Learning, Information Technology, Social Media, Life Skills & Accessibility, Program Coordination, Research/Evaluation
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