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About the Position
Position: 2678 - Kettle Worker/Bell Ringer
Organization: The Salvation Army Cornerstone
Position Address: 3020 Vanderbilt Rd, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga
Accessibility: Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individual, Group, Co-Op Placements, Newcomers, Older Adults
This seasonal 'role' is a key fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Our valued volunteers will be at locations within the local community where the public has access, engaged in the following 'role':
- Lightly ring a Christmas bell to attract the public to the donation kettle
- Engage the public with friendly (seasonal) greetings, so as to encourage monetary donations
- Thank those in particular who pause to donate (by placing contributions in the kettle)
- Respond to general inquiries about local Salvation Army services
- Be there to help refer those in need to our locations/contact info
- Co-operate with the businesses, malls, community centres, etc. that provide the locations

PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Our Annual Campaign will begin Friday, November 15!

The Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Campaign is one of Canada's largest and most recognizable annual charitable events. In addition to the critical fundraising impact of the Campaign, the Christmas kettles boost the Army's visibility and awareness. In fact, there are more than 2,000 kettle locations across Canada that support a wide range of Salvation Army programs.

This Campaign is only possible through volunteering by our 'Christmas Kettle Bell Ringers', who are our donation ambassadors at numerous business outlets, community centres, and public venues in Mississauga. In addition to cheerfully, thankfully receiving donations, our volunteers are in the community at this time, available to provide information about our services and refer those who may be in need.

Donations help fund Food Bank and Family Services programs in Mississauga.

> Enhance your 'customer service' talent/skills/experience, and improve your confidence
> Opportunity to 'network' with the public in a very positive way
> Be part of an annual fundraising campaign that benefits your community significantly
> Learn about the Salvation Army, particularly its presence and services in the Mississauga community
> Be part of a highly respected team of volunteers
> Be there in the community to refer those in need to local Salvation Army services
> Volunteers are entitled to a letter that confirms their participation in the Campaign
> Secondary school students will earn hours towards their '40 hours community service graduation requirement'

Position Qualifications
● Able to accommodate training as arranged (see 'Training', below)
● Friendly, engaging, courteous towards members of the public
● Punctual, reliable, in respect of assigned shift(s)
● Able to travel to the assigned location(s) in good time, reliably
● In many locations, there will be extended periods of standing (see 'Special Accommodations' below)
● Appropriate attire: Black dress pants, white shirt, plus a Salvation Army red vest that will be provided (in some locations, outside winter dress is required)
Min Age: 15    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Short Term (3 months or less)
Due Date:2019-12-24
Start Date:2019-11-15
End Date:2019-12-24
Wednesday Morning, Wednesday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning, Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday Morning, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Evening
Depends on your availability - as little OR as much as you want

Orientation & training will be on a 'one-on-one' basis, after successful application/screening

Meeting on November 10th @ 12:15pm to meet staff

Locations/shift(s) will be assigned by the Christmas Kettle Coordinator and/or Supervisor, in addition to the training provided.

Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Journalism, Fundraising, Customer Service, Seasonal/Special Event, Holiday & Festive, Volunteer Coordination
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