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About the Position
Position: 2710 - 'Silent Auction' Lead Volunteer
Organization: Volunteer MBC
Position Address: Volunteer MBC: 601 - 7700 Hurontario Street, Brampton, ON, Canada (and at event venues, plus in-the-field)
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible washroom, Wheelchair Accessible Parking, Unknown, Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individual, Newcomers, Older Adults
Volunteering as an integral part of our 'Events Committee', the Lead will be involved with the following aspects of the 'silent auction':
- Prospecting in the local community, and beyond, leading a team in an ongoing search for quality donations (goods and services) throughout the year
- As needed, pick up of auction items from donors
- Setting up a user friendly system to track inventory of auction items from intake to sale to delivery (and appropriate recognition/acknowledgement)
- Design, create, package attractive auction items that are readily salable, plus organize effective presentation (and monitoring) at our events
- Collaborate with event committee members in respect of supporting graphics, item valuations, minimum bids, bidding sheets, transport of auction items to/from event venues, delivery to successful bidders, and appropriate acknowledgements
- Attendance at the fundraising event (see 'Goal', below), overseeing set up of the 'silent auction', monitoring its progress in the course of the event, winding up the 'auction', supervising distribution of items to winning bidders (receiving payments) immediately after the event (or in the following few days, as applicable)
- Other tasks that are incidental to the role, and which yield quality delivery, high return

PLEASE APPLY FOR THIS VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Preparations already are underway for the V-Oscars (our Awards Gala, April 23, 2020, that recognizes outstanding volunteering in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon). Volunteer MBC clients can click on the yellow box 'Apply Now! (above/below) to register your interest in the role and the desire to explore it further. Thank you!

Volunteer MBC (VMBC) is in its 11th year serving Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon in matching volunteers to suitable, worthwhile volunteering opportunities, as well as providing many other programs and services that support Peel region's volunteering sector.

As a charitable community service organization, productive fundraising is vital, enabling VMBC to continue as the 'volunteer centre' in the western GTA. In our calendar year, we host 3 major events that involve focused fundraising, featuring a significant 'silent auction': V-Oscars Gala (April); Golf Tournament (June); 'Peel Cares' (December). To assure success, VMBC has benefited from an outstanding core of event volunteers who pool their talent and skills to put on a quality, highly attractive 'auction'. At this time, we seek a 'Silent Auction' Lead Volunteer to steer this aspect of fundraising and event prep and delivery. Few roles are as important and personally rewarding as this role has been been.

+ Outstanding opportunity to apply your creative, artistic talents and organizational ability in the context of quality fundraising events
+ Learn about the importance and impact of volunteerism from a high-profile community service organization, a leader in your community
+ Augment your personal leadership skills, while adding to your resume
+ Collaborate with knowledgeable, supportive staff and co-volunteers, plus build your 'connectivity' and personal profile through contact with current and prospective supporters of Volunteer MBC
+ Enjoy the experience and success of a project that you'll make happen from inception to completion
+ If requested, confirmation of volunteer hours will be provided

Position Qualifications
● Past experience with 'silent auctions', including co-ordination, is a definite asset
● Confident in your ability to engage in productive fundraising
● Passionate about Volunteer MBC's vision and mission re. volunteerism in your local community
● Solid oral/written English
● Familiarity with inventory tracking that is computer-based
● Organized, with attention to detail, in a project-oriented volunteering activity (incl. respect for deadlines)
● Overall ability to volunteer independently and in a leadership role with a dedicated team of staff and like-minded volunteers
Min Age: 21    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Medium Term (4 - 6 months)
Due Date:2020-01-31
Start Date:2020-01-13
Thursday Morning, Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Anytime
FLEXIBLE: Project-based, with scheduling, staging and deadlines dictated by the needs/time frame of the event (V-Oscars - Thursday, April 23, 2020)
Independent volunteering combined with team meetings, working sessions, increasing in frequency as particular event dates draw close
MANDATORY attendance at fundraising events, and assistance in providing timely reporting as to 'silent auction' results

The successful applicant will be introduced to Volunteer MBC's event planning processes and procedures, with focus on our 'silent auction'.

Area(s) of Interest: Arts & Crafts, Fundraising, Customer Service, Seasonal/Special Event, Boards & Committees, Event Planning, Graphic/Web Design, Marketing/Promotion, Volunteer Coordination
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