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About the Position
Position: 2712 - Young Urban Growers [During COVID-19, you can STILL APPLY, as we have shifted some volunteer activities to remote work PLUS access our 'virtual' workshops, discussions!]
Organization: Ecosource
Position Address: Various locations in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon
Accessibility: Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individual, Group, Newcomers
*** PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of our collective health and well-being as we weather the COVID-19 Emergency, this volunteer position has shifted to online and remote opportunities. As the public health recommendations evolve throughout the year, this may change.

Young Urban Growers brings together youth environmentalists, gardeners, cooks, and foodies to engage in food and sustainability initiatives. Participants can pick and choose from the following activities to gain a guaranteed minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service.

Online Engagement Opportunities:
>Develop/host webinars or online workshops
>Social media campaign
>Local research project
>Art project
>Podcast episodes or articles
>Citizen science

>Design or contribute to an Environmental Action Project related to local food or food security
> Volunteer at our community kitchen to help teach people how to cook healthy meals
> Volunteer at farmers' markets and community events to increase access of organic food and raise awareness of the importance of local food

Ecosource is an environmental education charity in Ontario serving children, youth, adults, and families with a focus on improving access to environmental engagement for marginalized communities. Since 1979, we have expanded from Mississauga into other areas of Peel region and beyond to promote waste reduction, urban agriculture, sustainability education, nature connection, and youth leadership.

Young Urban Growers is a group of youth environmentalists, gardeners, cooks, and foodies who learn together and share skills and knowledge to help raise awareness of local food in our community. Each participant will gain a MINIMUM of 20 hours of volunteer service and experiential learning.

Participants can customize their engagement by choosing activities and projects to be involved in. Through these opportunities, participants will develop leadership skills and help empower our communities to care for the environment.

+ Enjoy a variety of hands-on volunteering roles (that you help define), facilitated by a highly regarded community service organization
+ Opportunity to 'network' and build 'connectivity' in your local community by meeting new people and HAVING FUN!
+ Learn productive gardening skills that will bring you into the 'environmental conversation', PLUS these skills are healthy in so many ways
+ Add your learning to cook what you've grown: LOCAL, HEALTHY, NUTRITIONAL ORGANIC FOOD!
+ Be part of 'urban farming', even design an 'environmental action project'!
+ Develop/augment leadership skills by leading community workshops and event (add to your resume)
+ Contribute to food security and sustainability issues
+ Secondary school students in may earn hours towards their '40 hours' community service graduation requirement

Position Qualifications
●: You are at least 15 years old, and not over 30
● You have a passion for food and the environment, plus a willingness to learn!
● You are able and willing to commit to attending a MINIMUM of 10 HOURS of voluntary community service (abide by a mutually arranged schedule)
● Participants (or their guardians/parents, if applicable) will be asked to sign an engagement form

Min Age: 15    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Any Duration
Start Date:2020-02-01
End Date:2020-10-31
FLEXIBLE volunteer schedule, but please note commitment to a MINIMUM 10 HOURS (see 'Position Qualifications', above).
PLEASE NOTE the next available orientation and training: April 27, 2020, for all volunteers.

All participants will receive mentorship and training throughout the year. Our online orientation & training will take place on April 27, 2020. However, you are welcome to join at any point in the year.

Area(s) of Interest: Environment, Education & Learning, Office Administration, Seasonal/Special Event, Youth Programs, Event Planning, Food Services, Program Coordination
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