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About the Position
Position: 2750 - Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward
Organization: Credit Valley Conservation
Position Address: Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, 660 Bexhill Road, Mississauga, Ontario
Location: Mississauga
Accessibility: Not Accessible
Ideal for: Individual
WHY our Rattray Marsh volunteers are so valuable:
The 'Rattray Marsh Volunteer Stewards' are the perennial caretakers of designated (adopted) areas of Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. The Volunteer Stewards are responsible for invasive species monitoring, management, and proactive restoration activities within their adopted area under the guidance of Credit Valley Conservation. IN PARTICULAR, 'Stewards' will:
- Attend Volunteer Stewards TRAINING workshops
- Visit the site at least 6 times per year to monitor and manage your assigned area for invasive species (Spring, Summer, Fall)
- Be willing and able to volunteer off-trail (off-trail work comes with several associated hazards and risks, such as slippery surfaces, uneven terrain, and poison ivy)
- Volunteer engagement will involve physical activity, such as removal of invasive plants and shrubs
- Associated with the necessary removal will be restoration of native plant populations where needed by replanting appropriate species
- Report any new invasive species occurrences in your area to the CVC Invasive Species Management Technician (and existing example of identified species that needs expert extraction)
- Promptly fill out the Trail Monitoring datasheet and submit to the CVC Invasive Species Management Technician through an online recording system
- Hand in the Volunteer Steward Log Book at the end of the year to the CVC Invasive Species Management Technician
- Follow the procedures set out in the Rattray Marsh Volunteer Stewards Training Manual

PLEASE APPLY no later than APRIL 3, 2020. Overall volunteering engagement is 7 months (ending October 31st). See 'Training' and 'Time Commitment', below. Thank you.

Are you passionate about environmental conservation, including preservation and protection of the Rattray Marsh? Would you like to spend more time outdoors? Would you like to learn about invasive species, plus help us protect the Marsh from these species? Then consider becoming a 'Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward'! Your volunteering contribution is bound to make a direct impact upon environmental conservation in your community.

The Rattray Marsh offers a rare natural cobble beach on 90 acres of Lake Ontario shoreline in Mississauga. As the last remaining lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington, this environmentally-sensitive wetland offers a unique urban experience for nature lovers, such that its conservation is both necessary and important. Credit Valley Conservation invites you to become a 'Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward'!

+ APPLY your PASSION for ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION through this unique program
+ If you intend pursuing a career (or are in school) in reference to environment-related disciplines, this 'role' is for you
+ The RATTRAY MARSH is a unique, natural, and beautiful watershed in Mississauga, on Lake Ontario
+ ENJOY this unique outdoor habitat (incl. flora, birds, and other native species)
+ Excellent opportunity to improve your local awareness of flora in local conservation areas, both native and invasive
+ 'Network' with (and be guided by) knowledgeable staff in addition to connecting with volunteers and stakeholders
+ Volunteer with like-minded residents, as part of the important Credit Valley Conservation's 'Invasive Species Program'
+ Volunteer hours will be recorded, acknowledged, and recognized

Position Qualifications
● Passionate about environmental conservation, particularly within your community
● Solid English (oral) communication skills
● Ability, with firm commitment to learn from staff, to identify floral species within Rattray Marsh, plus the ability to differentiate between 'native' and 'invasive'
● Prior knowledge of Rattray Marsh (trail system/natural areas) is a welcome asset
● 'Role' involves moderate physical activity (walking/bending/pulling)
● 'Stewards' volunteer over a 7 MONTH period and must commit to AT LEAST SIX (6) attendances at your designated area in Rattray Marsh during that period
● 'Stewards' must attend and complete MANDATORY TRAINING (see 'Training', below)

Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Due Date:2020-04-03
Start Date:2020-05-02
End Date:2020-10-31
1. At home/online preliminary TRAINING (incl. Health & Safety)
2. Attend full day mandatory training session on Saturday, May 2nd
3. Visit your designated area a MINIMUM of SIX (6) times between early May and the end of October

1. Prior to MAY 2nd, complete 2 hours of training at home/online training (ie. Ontario's AODA training, plus reading of other health and safety documents)
2. Saturday, MAY 2nd, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The training day will include in-class training and a field walk through Rattray Marsh

Area(s) of Interest: Environment
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