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About the Position
Position: 2816 - Board of Directors - Board Secretary [Please APPLY during COVID-19]
Organization: Small Arms Society
Position Address: 1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga, Virtual
Accessibility: Partially Accessible Workspace, Wheelchair accessible washroom, Wheelchair Accessible Parking
Ideal for: Individual
The role of 'Board Secretary' typically embraces a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including:
- Custody of all minute books, documents, registers, and the seal of the Corporation
- Ensure the proper recording, maintenance, and preservation of minutes of all meetings of the Corporation (ie. Board and Board committees)
- Generally, maintain the books and records of the Corporation as required by its by-laws and government regulation (incl. advice to the Board, committees, staff as to proper record keeping)
- Manage, update, distribute, master contact lists of Board members and other organizational lists for distribution. (i.e. Board Members, Constant Contact participants lists)
- Prepare and communicate notices of all board meetings/AGM/Election of Officers
- Attend all Board meetings, and meetings conduct by Board committees
- Attend to correspondence addressed to the Corporation, its Board, and collaborate with staff, volunteers re. replies
- Support the president in maintaining a high standard of Board conduct and uphold policies and the by-laws regarding Directors’ conduct, with particular emphasis on fiduciary responsibilities
- Align Board policies, procedures with The CreativeHub 1352's vision, mission, goals
- Coordinate administrative functions associated with the AGM. (logistics, annual report)
- Attend Hub public events, if schedule permits
- Other responsibilities mandated by the Board and implicit in the 'role'

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO APPLY! We are receiving and screening 'volunteer applications' (VIRTUALLY) without delay. IF you have a 'volunteer profile' with Volunteer MBC, please upload your resume and click the yellow box 'Apply Now'! (above/below) to register your application with us (we will receive your name and contact information confidentially). Interested volunteers may also apply through our website under the homepage heading 'Get Involved' (see 'Social Media', below).

CreativeHub 1352 (the Hub) is a non-profit organization, committed to working with the community in the adaptive reuse and programming of the Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB) in the Lakeview area of Mississauga. To achieve this principal goal, the Hub works with the community and various partners in championing the development of collaborative creative programming across the arts, heritage, environment and technology.

CreativeHub 1352 works closely with the City of Mississauga (the owner of the SAIB) as a community programming partner. The Hub has plans for an exciting mix of programs, events and activities for the building in 2020/21. In anticipation of a busy year ahead, we are strengthening our volunteer Board of Directors.
If you enjoy working on a Board that is in transition, evolving from a working Board to a Board with primary oversight over management and programming, this opportunity could be for you. IF you've had experience as a board secretary or committee chair, so much the better!

+ As a Board member and volunteer 'leader', increase your presence in your local community by raising your personal profile and expanding your 'connectivity'
+ The 'role' of Board Secretary affords you an excellent opportunity to use and enhance a variety of skills (office administration, strategic planning, policy development, etc.)
+ Increase your awareness of the 'Arts scene' in Mississauga ... by contributing to it in a BIG WAY!
+ Join a team of a passionate community volunteers who are working in partnership with the City of Mississauga in the development of a unique 'Creative Hub' at the Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB)
+ Personal satisfaction in making a tangible difference by means of developing the local Arts & cultural 'scene' in South Mississauga, as the result of your DIRECT contribution(s)

Position Qualifications
● Experience as a 'volunteer leader' in association with a not-for-profit is a definite asset
● Past Board membership experience is most welcome, particularly as its 'Secretary'
● You are able to COMMIT to the 2 YEAR term stipulated for Board membership, AND to the monthly meetings, etc. (see 'Time Commitment', below)
● You have a firm commitment in principle to the organization's mission and strategic direction, and are eager to collaborate in the continued transformation and development of The Hub as an artistic and cultural force in the City of Mississauga
● An understanding of, and experience with, good administration and business management practices
● A professional administration designation or equivalent experience is a definite asset

IN VIEW OF COVID-19, screening of applicants will be 'VIRTUAL' (telephone, email, interview(s) online (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Min Age: 25    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Monday Evening, Anytime
PARTLY FLEXIBLE, subject to:
1. MONTHLY meetings by the Board of Directors (usually, 2nd Monday of each month)
2. Committee and sub-committee meetings (frequency is dependent upon ongoing projects)
3. Volunteer hours outside the meeting schedule(s) to address program/project planning, etc.
4. Attendance at, participation in, Events/Promotions

UNTIL COVID-19 eases, volunteering will be principally REMOTE ('virtual', from home), unless notified otherwise. COVID-19 'Health & Safety' procedures will be observed in order to protect all volunteers, staff, and Board members.

The successful candidate will have an introductory orientation to 'Creative Hub 1352' and the SAIB, and to its Board of Directors.

Area(s) of Interest: Environment, Arts & Crafts, Culture & Heritage, Office Administration, Boards & Committees, Event Planning, Research/Evaluation
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