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About the Position
Position: 2818 - Coding Workshop Facilitator [ Please APPLY during COVID-19 ]
Organization: Indus Community Services
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Virtual
Accessibility: Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individual, Co-op Placements, Older Adults
[ PLEASE NOTE: Applications are being reviewed and candidates screened 'virtually', during COVID-19. The school year has begun, so we encourage interested volunteers to apply as soon as possible. ]

This is a 'role' that volunteer facilitators can enjoy developing and delivering the program that they have created:
- Prepare course material for up to 6 to 8 weeks, one workshop session per week (volunteer engagement is for 4 to 6 months)
- Create visual 'teaching aids', course syllabus, topic schedule, quizzes, homework, and assignments, plus means of evaluation of students' progress
- Collaborate with Indus is setting up a 'visual' communications system to deliver the course (unless and until 'in person' teaching becomes possible)
- Monitor individual student progress/performance, and further assist, if necessary
- Write individual student evaluations, plus provide an overall review of the program at the conclusion of the workshop

PLEASE APPLY FOR THIS INTERESTING 'ROLE' WITHOUT DELAY. Workshops are scheduled to commence as of September 23, 2020. Volunteers with 'profiles' in Volunteer MBC's Referral System may click on the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) to register their interest in becoming a 'Coding Workshop Facilitator'. Your name/contact info will be communicated confidentially to Indus. Screening will be remote/'virtual'. Thank you!

Indus Community Services is an accredited, not-for-profit community benefit organization that has served local communities for over 35 years. Indus Community Services, through its professional staff and a team of dedicated volunteers, is a leader in the provision of culturally-appropriate services to newcomers, families, women, and seniors.

Among our educational programs are initiatives to teach youth, and we recognize that learning about computers and their software is a definite asset, plus an investment. We're currently seeking capable, committed volunteers to teach kids of all ages different common programming languages, in a 'virtual' setting, given COVID-19. See DESCRIPTION, above.

+ Enjoy the experience of teaching youth about a highly relevant and important topic ... HAVE FUN!
+ Bring your knowledge and skills to Indus, with the opportunity to enhance and refine program development/teaching
+ Chance to teach in a 'virtual' setting
+ Learn as you teach, while building your capacity and 'network' in your local community
+ Associate with a highly regarded community service organization and its professional staff and team of committed volunteers
+ Upon successful completion of your volunteering engagement, you will be eligible for references, certificates, and invitations to our volunteer events
+ Secondary school students will be able to earn hours towards their '40 hours' community service graduation requirement

Position Qualifications
● You possess the skills and confidence to teach young people computer coding
● Your significant knowledge of common coding languages (eg. Python, Java, Java Script, C#, PHP) sees you comfortable in a teaching 'role'
● You are organized, project-oriented, such that you can development program content/workshop format
● You're comfortable providing instruction in a 'virtual' setting (eg. via Zoom)
● Ability to commit for weekly workshops, prep time/meetings, over 6 to 8 weeks, minimum
● Committed to providing a friendly, engaging educational experience that will be fun for everyone involved.

*** Screening of volunteer applications will be remote/'virtual' (telephone/email/online interview(s) - Zoom)

Min Age: 16    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Medium Term (4 - 6 months)
Start Date:2020-09-23
End Date:2021-08-25
FLEXIBLE work schedule, having regard to workshop sessions occurring once a week, plus preparation time
DURING COVID-19, interactions will respect physical 'social distancing' and be VIRTUAL

Successful candidates must undergo screening, plus complete all required volunteer orientation and training sessions, all of which during the COVID-19 Emergency are VIRTUAL (ie. telephone/email/online - Zoom, etc.)

Area(s) of Interest: Education & Learning, Customer Service, Information Technology, Career Mentorship, Youth Programs, Event Planning, Life Skills & Accessibility, Settlement & Integration, Program Coordination, Volunteer Coordination, Youth Mentorship, Newcomer Support
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