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About the Position
3081 - ROTARY Youth Program Lead (Malton area) > July/August, 2022 > Apply NOW!
Position Address:
Malton, Mississauga, ON, Canada (location of the classroom to be determined)


ROTARY International is an international service organization, with clubs all over Canada and the rest of the world that engage in altruistic service for their communities. A huge part of our service involves meaningful outreach for youth, reflected in many ongoing and one-off programs, conducted by our membership and a team of dedicated volunteers. ROTARY Club Mississauga Malton (RCMM) recognizes the growing importance of youth programs in the community  for  students in middle school and high school. RCMM facilitates a summer program for youth that involves classroom teaching of various aspects of the Ontario curriculum. We are in immediate need of capable volunteer teachers who are passionate about enhancing the educational experiences of youth in Malton (Mississauga), ages 11 to 16.  


  • Collaborate with Rotary Club membership and support staff to research/develop program curriculums that will be of most benefit to the students whom we will be teaching
  • Prepare the curriculum by creating lesson plans, assembling learning materials
  • Lead groups of up to 15 students (ages 11 to 16) through the youth program that we have settled upon 
  • Engage in set up of the classroom, bearing in mind how the teaching will be delivered, plus any health & safety requirements
  • Manage student behavior in the  classroom' by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures
  • Generally and individually be supportive of participating youth, careful to assess capacities and progress, including gaining feedback for the students 
  • Liaison with parents of the participants regarding Rotary Club youth programs, plus respond to specific enquiries
  • Advise Rotary program coordinator/support staff of any concerns about the participants

PLEASE APPLY for this interesting, challenging volunteering opportunity AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY (by no later than July 10, 2022). We are recruiting a maximum of 10 volunteer leads. Anticipated PROGRAM START is  mid-JULY. Volunteer MBC volunteer 'clients' should attach their resumes to their volunteer profiles, then click on the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above). If you do not have a 'profile', create one! Thank you!


Be a part of diversity, equity and inclusion, while promoting a positive education culture + Opportunity to develop a summer teaching program + Volunteer to teach youth who are excited about being positive and making difference while learning and growing and doing well in every aspect of their lives + Enhance your teaching skills (add to your resume)


  • Minimum Age - 18
  • Engagement as a volunteer until at least mid-August (summer teaching)
  • Comfortable in a group educational setting (see DESCRIPTION, above), able to communicate effectively with youth, plus motivate them individually
  • Familiarity with the Ontario Curriculum (middle school to high school)
  • At least some practical experience teaching/tutoring (certified teachers and students on a path to teaching certification are welcome to apply)
  • You are proficient in English (additional languages welcome), as well as being proficient in the subjects that you will teach
  • Your general enthusiasm and receptive personality will promote a 'positive learning experience' for each of the youth program participants.

SCREENING for this volunteering opportunity will be virtual, unless otherwise advised.

Min Age: 18   
Police Check: Not required   
Driver's Licence: Not required   
Proof of Vaccination: Not required

Time Commitment
This is a Short Term (3 months or less) commitment starting 2022-07-11 AND ending 2022-08-15
Shifts are available on the following days
 - Thursday Morning, Thursday Afternoon

WEEKLY (usually Thursday), from mid-July to at least mid-August > Schedule will be set with successful candidates.


ORIENTATION to the nature/goals of our summer youth programs, then TRAINING that will support a collaborative approach to program development and implementation.

More Details
Areas of Interest: Culture & Heritage, Education & Learning, Audio & Visual Production, Youth Programs, Life Skills & Accessibility, Program Coordination, Research/Evaluation, Support Group Facilitation & Therapy, Newcomer Support
Accessibility: Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individuals, Groups, Co-op Placements, Older Adults
Apply before: 2022-07-10

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