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About the Position
3306 - Anthem Singer
Position Address:
Mayfield Recreation Complex, Bramalea Road, Caledon East, ON, Canada


The Arsenault Hockey Group (AHG) is a not-for-profit community-based organization focused on the development of young hockey players throughout their hockey careers.  Our players generally range from 10 to 20 years old and many will leverage these skills to continue playing in university, overseas, semi-professional or professional hockey leagues.



Are you a passionate singer with a love for hockey and a heart for community engagement? The Arsenault Hockey Group (AHG), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to nurturing young hockey players, is excited to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your talent and contribute to our mission. We are seeking a dedicated volunteer singer to join our team and add a melodious touch to our hockey games and fundraising events.

Volunteer Singer Responsibilities:

  1. Game Performances: Enthrall the crowd and uplift the spirits of players and spectators alike by singing the national anthem before the start of hockey games. Your voice will set the tone for an exciting and inspiring event.

  2. Collaborate with AHG Team: Work closely with our events and marketing team to align your performance with the overall event theme and objectives.


As a valued member of our volunteer team, you will receive:

  1. Platform for Talent Showcasing: Gain exposure and share your musical talent with a diverse audience, including hockey enthusiasts, families, and community members.
  2. Meaningful Impact: Be a part of AHG's mission to support young athletes and contribute to a positive and uplifting environment during hockey games and events.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with players, coaches, and fellow volunteers, building lasting relationships in the hockey community.
  4. Volunteer Hours letter at end of season if requested.


  • Exceptional Vocal Talent: A skilled singer with a captivating and powerful voice to engage the audience and create a memorable experience
  • Reliability and Flexibility: Punctuality and availability to perform at the start of your scheduled hockey games.  Anthem singers for each team may be called upon to fill in for another when that singer is unavailable
  • Positive and Professional Attitude: A friendly, enthusiastic, and professional demeanor while representing AHG during performances.

Min Age: 16   
Police Check: Not required   
Resume:Not required   
Driver's Licence: Not required   
Proof of Vaccination: Not required

Time Commitment
This is a Medium Term (4 - 6 months) commitment starting 2023-09-07 AND ending 2024-03-04
Shifts are available on the following days
 - Thursday Evening, Friday Evening, Sunday Afternoon

Event Details:

  • Hockey Game Venue: Mayfield Arena, Caledon
  • Time: Approximately 3 hours per game
  • Fundraising Events: Occasional, schedule to be communicated in advance


Orientation will be done at the arena an hour before your first shift.

More Details
Areas of Interest: Arts & Crafts, Culture & Heritage, Sports & Recreation, Seasonal/Special Event, Youth Programs, Music/Theatre
Accessibility: Partially Accessible Workspace
Ideal for: Individuals, Newcomers, Older Adults

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